Fans of the platform have asked, “what is Athletic and Tall?”  At first, the answer self explanatory. Yet with the influx of request, we at Tenable 6 decided to provide further explanation.

Athletes come in all shapes and sizes. Athletes are women and men.  We at Tenable 6 are not looking to be everything to everyone, we have a targeted demographic.  Our ideal athletic build is based on the man with the following builds:

From: 5’10-6’2, 180 pounds up

The term tall is relative in some cases.  As it applies to our platform, when we reference tall, our ideal build is based on the man with the following builds:

From: 6’0 - 6’11-7’0, 195 pounds up.

Clothing from luxury / street brands differ from house to house.
Offerings from Balenciaga, Fear of God, Gucci, Pyer Moss and Louis Vuitton are often loose, where Amiri, Balmain, Martine, Palm Angles and Valentino tend to be more fitted in select silhouettes.  

This generation of clothing is based on a casual, loose esthetic.
Truly one size fit’s all.  We at Tenable 6 realize that our target consumer is one that is often overlooked.  We know that he is educated on the fashion landscape, If he is not, he know’s that if he finds select pieces that fit, he will purchase them (all) in fear that it may never return.

Taking all of this into account, our target consumer knows what pieces work on his body.  Tenable 6 consumer knows what size he is in Gosha sweats, Haider Ackerman bomber and a Fear Of God satin pull over.  For the consumer unsure, please reference the sizes and weights listed below and jump into the market.  

This is your platform.