Welcome to Tenable 6


Do you have an athletic build?

Are you on the taller end of the spectrum, with fashion sense?

Do you have a closet full of beautiful pieces that deserve to be placed with an equally stylish second owner, vs being donated to the unknown?

If you answered yes to any of the above then Tenable 6 was created for you. 

Tenable 6 is the preeminent luxury consignment resale platform, of top tier goods, for gentlemen with athletic and tall builds. Founded by Waraire Boswell, Siam Kazi, and Jerry Sawyer. 

The genesis of this platform was birthed from many conversations that Waraire had concerning his client base, collective reach, and the inability for amazing (athletic and tall) wardrobes to be redistributed to (athletic and tall) individuals, in an efficient manner. To test the idea, we created the platform, asked a dozen clients to submit pieces, ran a beta test with zero publicity, and sold everything on the site within 48 hours.  

We created Tenable 6 to be the vetting clearinghouse and distributor of top tier goods, for an underrepresented community in the retail space. So if you are a man with an athletic / tall build, or stylist looking to overhaul / empty your clients closet for the new season reach out, set an appointment.

We do all the work and reward you financially in the process.